Terrace extension modules

Dimensions : 1,5 x 2,3m

Surface : 3,5m²

Max Height 40cm

We love !

Create or extend terraces to easily adapt to your sites.

Our modular terrace kit allows you to increase the surface area of your terrace without difficulty!

You have the possibility to add as many modules as you want.

Great ease of assembly for quick installation.

Fabriqué en France

Vie extérieure

Matériaux nobles

Plan gif module terrasse Kingston avec l'extension kit terrasse vue de coté Kingston avec l'extension kit terrasse vue arrière Kingston avec l'extension kit terrasse vue 3/4 module extension terrasse module extension terrasse module extension terrasse sur kingston 40

Why choose our terrace extension kit for your chalets?

Whether you want to create an additional dining area, a relaxation space, or simply enjoy a panoramic view, our terrace extension kit will meet all your needs.

Easy to install, our terrace extension module is designed to adapt to all configurations. Thanks to its modular structure, you can choose 1 or several modules according to your preferences and cut to the desired dimension or height if needed. Additionally, our kit comes with all the necessary elements for its assembly, ensuring you a quick and hassle-free installation.

Robust and durable with brown pressure-treated wood, our terrace extension module is made from high-quality materials, weather-resistant, and easy to maintain. You will be able to enjoy your new terrace for many years to come, with peace of mind.

Technical description

Wood: Pressure-treated brown autoclave wood is used for the terrace components, including joists, crosspieces, posts, terrace boards, and perimeter bands.

Support: Adjustable pedestals to be installed on concrete slab.

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