A place to recharge

Our profession

As designer and manufacturer of holiday chalets for 35 years, we offer a wide range of chalets to Campsites and Holiday Home Parks.

These small-scale accommodation units offer a clever interior design and promote indoor and outdoor living. Our accommodation solutions are sustainable and offer your the very bes return on investment and quick profitability.

Thanks to the many customisation options, you choose the chalet which best suits you and will fit best into your campsite. Our range of products offers the most solutions to meet your needs and to best adapt to all of the specifics of your campsites.



Our products

Hekipia offers a wide range of products. From 20 to 40 m2, our accommodation solutions will meet all of your needs thanks to a wide range of customisations.


Hekipia trailers and their atypical charm bring comfort and authenticity to your pitches.

Our solutions

Thanks to our wide range of solutions, we can adapt to meet the needs of all of our clients as well as the specifics of the installation location.


Our construction principle allows us to offer sustainable products. With a warranty of 15 years, the structure of our accommodation units stands the test of time.

We offer a wide range of landscape integration solutions to adapt our accommodation to your wishes and your surroundings.

Comfortable indoor and outdoor living

Fitted with a large bay window and integrated terrace, our accommodation offers genuine comfort to your clients.

Chalets supports

We offer various types of support for our chalets (beams, plinths, or corbel arches) which allow us to meet the constraints of your land.

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